Monthly Archives: June 2014

How Microbes Affect Our Personality

This video explores some of the ways microbes like bacteria and fungi affect the way we behave. It challenges the assumption that we are alone at the top of the food chain making choices and taking actions because our intelligence gives us this power.

Action and Reaction


Cultivating a life of intention is not an easy task. Some challenges are more difficult than others, but if our opportunity to act is unrealized or uncultivated to make the most of what we have, we go where the currents of unintention take us.

How Experience Affects Social Development

How we develop our sense of “self” and “other” is a prime factor in whether or not we can function effectively in an adult social environment. This video looks at the role our sense of “self and other” in how we experience life, culture and what it means to our future. It also throws in a little science and a couple-few speculations… just for spice. Enjoy!