Monthly Archives: December 2011

Reality- The Only Reliable Standard

Reality is the only reliable standard by which can measure the truth about life, but only when reality is used to define our words, not when our words are used in an attempt to define reality. Reality is the only reliable road map to a fuller, more satisfied experience of life because it ultimately sets the rules by which we experience life whether we agree with them or not. We might afford ourselves the polite fiction that we use reality as the standard that governs our behaviors, but if our behaviors themselves are the measure of evidence, reality is often a bit player in a bucket of motivational factors. We are a predatory and parasitic bunch even though it is not difficult to see that we all swim in the same pool of experience. The broken logic that allows us to justify stepping on each other for personal gain is frankly insane. It is synonymous with starving our heart in order to fatten the kidneys. Just a few of the perceptive deficits we run with that impoverish our lives are a failure to understand what life is truly all about and apply that to our life and community, a failure to control our behaviors and an overwhelming sense that we have far more figured out than we actually do. The power of this delusion to bring cycles of chaos to our lives is compounded by the fact that even when we know better it is no guarantee that we will act in harmony with  that knowledge. Our destructive behavioral momentum seems to trump our reason even when we get a clear glimpse of actions that might contribute to a more satisfied state of being.

Since a single false premise can distort or destroy our vision it is very important to carefully consider the structure of the lens through which we see. There are localized values that develop within our individual cultures cannot be the basis by which we navigate if the goal is to do it effectively. We need something empirical rather than traditional or socially authoritative to guide how we parse fact from crap. The values communicated through the reality of our biology must be the standard that both generates our vision and governs our actions. Everything about our biology communicates that we can only be truly satisfied by a specific complement of mutually beneficial, cooperative relationships in the context of a greater community. Our biology communicates the relational standard we need to use to understand real satisfaction. If our personal, social, business, environmental and governmental relationship models are built on our biological relationship principles, we have the foundation to realize our full potential as biological beings. Unless we are part of the process that brings this biologically communicated foundation to our global culture both intellectually and behaviorally, then we cannot avoid being part of the problem and not the solution.

.If we truly want to realize what truly nourishes a fulfilled life then we first need a better standard for truth than opinion and the destructive tendency to afford ourselves polite fictions. Complacency in a global culture driven by mystical wishful thinking, self righteousness and power over each other when our biology clearly communicates that every element of the body must work together as a unified whole is the very essence of the word insanity. It is only when we have the courage to face ourselves honestly that we can then begin the enormously difficult task of shaping our disciplines to be aligned with that fruitful perspective.

The plain truth is only the first step in the journey that can lead to true satisfaction. We must have the courage to explore the message spoken through the structure of life and reality with a skeptical, but open mind. It is only this way that we can discover truths that will astound and empower us. The more we understand life, the more powerfully and intentionally we can shape our experience toward more fulfillment. The courage to face the real truth is the only way to turn our life from a ride we experience, to an experience where we are in the driver’s seat.