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The Origin of Life


While we don’t know the full details of how the harmonic symphony of relationships we call biology came about, we do have some clarity on our origin. Where we are is where we’ve been all along. Paradoxically life is both a journey and a destination through and to the cosmos. The cosmos is the womb that nourishes all life, it is also the origin. How it all works we may not be sure of, but the fact that everything we are as biological creatures is an expression of the nature of this cosmic womb we all depend on to nourish us is not in doubt. It could not be otherwise. The more we learn about the relationships that define nature the more we learn about ourselves. Our opportunity lies in the application of that discovery to nourish our fullest potential. Just as we are nourished by and an inseparable part of the cosmos, this is reflected in the inseparable nourishing relationship dynamic between all mothers and children.