Exploring the Origins of our Social Nature


When we are in a stadium or a packed movie house experiencing something on the edge, do we feed on the mindset of the crowd? Do we lose our sense of individuality and become part of the group body? Can cultures incentivize the adoption of ideas; not because the ideas themselves are valid, but because they act as symbolic markers of inclusion? Do these ideas become the de facto currency of social inclusion, something we tend to adopt because we are biologically wired to seek inclusion as a primary drive?

Could this be how intense stress can act to spawn populist movements with fierce devotees that tend to act on more narrow and non nuanced principles? Could this natural tendency toward a desire for coherence make us convinced of an idea, not because of its validity, but because of our need to belong to a group for protection, especially under perceived stress? Is this what happens on differing scales of intensity as a function of our social nature?

Is this holding of ideas as a means of ritual expressions that cement social bonds something we may do without being consciously aware? Is it possible we are not in touch with because we’re lost in our own little words while actually being carried on biological currents that are far deeper and powerful?

This article might reveal a clue of the origins of this type of behavior we see at many levels:

𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝗹𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗹𝗱 𝗴𝗲𝘁𝘀 𝗼𝗿𝗴𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘇𝗲𝗱

“… a unicellular organism that may transition into a multicellular organism under stress, has just been found to have a tissue structure that was previously thought to exist only in more sophisticated animals. What’s more, two proteins that are needed by the slime mold to form this structure are similar to those that perform the same function in more sophistical animals.”


6 responses to “Exploring the Origins of our Social Nature

  1. Michael McCallion

    Intersting? I thing this brings many thoughts forward as to why; 1/. one would assume ordinary members of a bureaucracy such as American Dept of Justice-the F.B.I. –& the Muslim dominated Liberal Party of Canada Government Federal Cabinet fall or fail their individual Oaths of Office because the base of evolution moves along within a Slime’s Prime Directive.

    Understood as Mob-Rule over the millennium(s).

    Certainly is easily to attribute the Hillary – Residue joining with The Soros/Clinton “crime family” attempt to dislodge a duly elected President of the U.S.A. in a collective CYA effort.

    The primitive slime fear of the lack of food access magnified a billion times by the knowledge of ordinary members of a bureaucracy; We have made bad decisions and; We cannot break away from the Hillary – Residue control of saving Themselves and feel We-the ordinary members of a bureaucracy-must fall into line and not try to take personal action to avoid censure; investigation; indictment; prosecution and possible incarceration.

    This appears to be the picture of the many long-time supporters of the proven corrupt Liberal Party of Canada & Provincial Branches when Governing.

    We ordinary Canadian Citizens have made many bad voting decisions in the Past by voting Liberal, once ordinary Canadian Citizens, until the Candidate is in the middle of the Liberal Party self-protecting slime crowd of Liberal party insiders. The same primitive slime fear of the lack of food access, magnified a billion times a billion of past bad voting results.

    • I tend to think in broader terms than what I consider local politics. As a species I think the same way growth is an important component in a developing tree, and maintenance, strength and producing fruit become more important in a mature one, my guess is our development activities toward saturating the carrying capacity of the environment will begin to turn on us if our developmental priorities do not shift in this new context. (translated to a shift in cultural values and behaviors aligned around sustainable activities) The thing about complex systems is they work to maintain with redundant compensatory systems to reestablish equilibrium until they don’t, and then the catastrophically fail.

      I think our current condition also requires a certain foresight and effort to head off, rather than react to, situations at our current level if we do not want to contend with some pretty wild fishtailing chaos in the system we live in, are part of, and depend on for nourishment. The fact that the our common enemy is things like stray asteroids cancer and the need to expand beyond the horizon of a single planet, not each other, especially in the context of how technology provides such powerful levers for expression. Our story could end up like a 4 year old who has a shotgun in the crowd with no concept of the echoes of damage that could come.

      In any case, I think having each other’s backs and cultivating the system that produced our nourishment on all fronts is the thing we must contend wit. That is the difference between being carries on the currents of behavioral momentum reacting to the chaos that ensues, or having a paddle to steer. Perhaps this is what our capacity to abstract is here for, in any case we would do well to point it toward a constructive end.

      I could be missing something(s)

  2. The godlike Robert

    Atoms are also subject to social behaviours being swept into the mob mentality and also in doing what everyone else is doing!

    • I see natural elements as an alphabet on which words and sentences, indeed stories are built, and the self similar rhyme of structure that defines us as creatures that are driven to seek out nourishment and protect our coherence in the context of an environment that has both nourishing agents and antagonists is one of the inevitable outcomes of expression that results from the differentiated properties of elements in the natural order.

      Things that provide adaptive value toward coherence in that varied context would tend to accumulate and then repeatedly happen. We are expressions of that natural order the same way layers of sediment will form if a jar of water and soil is shaken up and allowed to settle.

      Our drive to nourish and defend is an expression of this same tendency to find equilibrium with what has the most coherence value in the context of the environment, as is all aspects of our being such as our willingness to defend ideas once they are established regardless of their correspondence to real world evidence. We use ideas as as social currency, a means of establishing coherent bodies more so than as a means of establishing accuracy and clarity. We sacrifice accuracy on the altar of belonging to a coherent social body every day of the week. It is part of our inherent nature. This is a function of the cauldron of relationships from which we, and all language emerges despite our polite fiction that language is a an engine of logic. This relational coherence is what all language is – a communicative function enabled by an engine of boundaries that are built on specific natural orders.

      I could be missing something(s)

      • The godlike Robert

        Your missing the human instinct to blow up everything. The Greeks called this the Atos or Death Instinct!…its also very natural, as natural as disorder and order are two heads of the same coin, or as cause and effect are the same thing!

  3. That might be true from one perspective. From another, all that is always was and always will be, searching for equilibrium until it is found. Eggs need cracked to make omelettes.


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