What Biology Says about Investment


Not all truth is painless… We have only so much energy to cultivate whatever we’re going to do in life.

We can focus on what can be done, but some of us focus on what we want to do. If what we what to do, no matter how noble or worthy, is not what can be done, we must abandon it or we will end up doing nothing. A fertile climate of soil, seeds and patience can yield an abundant harvest. An infertile climate will never yield, no matter how hard we work. To spend our life trying to cultivate a barren field trades the meaning and life we could have cultivated for whisps of meaningless dust.

2 responses to “What Biology Says about Investment

  1. Daniel Strickland

    I’ve always been doubtful about the saying that if you want it think it. It may sound positive but we have to be realistic.

    • I agree with your skepticism. I am not sure how reality all works. For all I know we could be crafting reality by our collective beliefs, but even if that’s true, we still need to negotiate the waters set by what we all believe. This is why I think a mutual stake in each other’s success is the best foundation to cultivate relationships. It makes the world a better place no matter what it is founded on. I don’t think that means ignoring the existence of, or allowing ourselves to be walked on by predators. Thinking we can wish things into existence does not seem practical, but there are plenty of examples of opportunity to use fertile soil and seeds as the foundation for cultivating those seeds to fruition.

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