A Life Worth Living


Music is a universal language that resonates in human beings. This is because it resonates with the rhythms inherent in biology and physics. These are the concentric wombs of rhythmic relationship that cultivate not only who we are as children of the universe, but who we can be if we don’t miss the meaning of the universal song – that if we sing together in harmony, using our different instruments to harmonize toward a unified purpose, we then cultivate our fullest most satisfied potential. The nourishing network of relationships that define harmony and order is what we are composed of and what we hunger for in our native state. Finding the balance is our chief task from breathing and eating to sleep and wakefulness, to the rhythms involved in raising young and connecting them to the larger community of life to reverberate the chords we struck on their heartstrings.Nourishing each other in the context our needs is the heart of the community principle. Every cell in our body tells us that this is the way to be fully nourished and fulfilled. We would do well to listen to this message resonating from this womb we call the cosmos.

Perhaps the hardest journey is for those of us who grew out of a disharmonious pit who then attempt to find our place in the orchestra – realizing that the alternative is locking ourselves in a perpetual reflection of that disharmony from which we came – swallowed by desire for retribution until we realize we reverberated the sour chords struck by others and never found and gave voice to our song – and in so doing, we robbed our self of our greatest gift, which is to overcome adversity without the life sapping sting of vengeance diminishing that victory. Socrates said; “the unexamined life is not worth living” Perhaps a more accurate view is that the unexamined life is not lived at all.


Where are you on the journey to finding your voice in the choir?

4 responses to “A Life Worth Living

  1. crazyguyinthailand

    Wisdom 🙂

  2. I’ve noticed there is something deep, comforting, almost religious about the sound of choral music, of many human voices singing together, with or without accompanying instruments. I’ve speculated that it is because we are interdependent social animals who communicate most meaningfully through sound – voice. I loved your post.

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