Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness | (21:20 TED Talk)

Lou over at “Talesfromthelou’s Blog” posted this great video from Dan Gilbert’s Ted talk on “The Surprising Science of Happiness”.


2 responses to “Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness | (21:20 TED Talk)

  1. I’m in this place now, trying to figure out how to get to happy or if it’s just an intermittent emotion and how that all plays into the job.

    • As near as I have been able to figure out, we get biologically acclimated to a certain expectation and circumstances are interpreted through that expectation filter. Along with genetics and epigenetics, the influences that shape this expectation filter is particularly pronounced during our developmental period. Ultimately these expectations are self fulfilling to some degree. The practical side of this is understanding that reshaping our perception so that it leans toward satisfaction is more difficult for some than others based on what they are already inclined to expect, but if life is not satisfactory it is typically due to our biological inclinations and not a byproduct of circumstance, so attitude change is what is called for, not circumstance as much. That’s not easy, but it appears to be what is called for.

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