New Year’s Resoluteness

New year's resolutions

As the new year begins many of us take the opportunity paste some wild expectations on ourselves because we let some things go for a long period of time that we now think need aggressive resolutions to counteract. Rather than a resolution we may want to consider resoluteness instead. Many of the issues we face were conjured up with tiny increments of neglect or small instances of poor choice that accumulated over time to put us where we now are. While this incremental approach should be an indication of the way out, we somehow think that setting some drastic goal that we focus on with a laser like fury of action will somehow put us on the right track. A wise man once said “If you want to make real progress concentrate on moving the bucket an inch a day”. This is wise advice. Instead of making a new year’s resolution, decide what direction to move and make your way toward that incrementally.


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