Words Shape our Experience

Even very young children perform rudimentary e...

Looking at ourselves is good, applying that knowledge to our lives is great.

Two groups of people were invited to participate in an experiment on memory. The experiment took place a large building and held in a location that required the participants to walk a good distance from the entrance to get to the testing facility. Both groups were asked to study and remember words within a specified time. What the participants didn’t know was that the real test was on the power of words to affect our physiology. The first group had words with negative characteristics like tired, old, diseased, bronchitis and so on. The second group had words with positive characteristics like energetic, fast, and healthy. Once the test concluded the individuals were watched and timed for how long it took them to get to the front door from the testing room. Those that were asked to study and remember negative words took longer than those that were asked to study positive words. This says a lot about the power of certain words to color our day. It also says a lot about the power we have to intentionally shape color our lives.

Choose your words carefully, they are like water in that the humility and perseverance of water drops can wear the proudest and mightiest of rocks to dust.


3 responses to “Words Shape our Experience

  1. Interesting study ! Thanks for sharing that.

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