Biology is the Guide for Fulfilling Relationships

If we examine the core principles of relationship that govern our individual biological body, then expand this view to include the whole of biological life on planet earth we see evidence of the same principles at work on this larger scale. The same way the components of our individual body form a single organized body of life, earth’s whole biosphere[1] also does.[2]

The same way the individual organs in our bodies depend on each other for mutual nourishment, our global biosphere depends on mutually sustaining relationships between various biological life forms. For instance; we depend on autotrophic life forms such as plants to produce the oxygen, carbohydrates, oils minerals and so on we need for nourishment. Conversely plants depend on heterotrophic life forms such as animals to produce carbon dioxide as well as nitrogen compounds and so on which they need for nourishment.

The mutually nourishing relationship dynamic we see in sustainable biological systems is also a model for healthy social relationships. The same way plants are built to deliver what we need to live, and we are built to deliver nourishment back to the plants; when personal, family and community relationships are built on these principles it cultivates what we need for our most satisfying experience of life. In other words; biology is a living breathing guide to a satisfying life if we understand the language – and if we listen.

When social relational dynamics are out of balance with the principles that govern healthy biological systems, they falter and result in chaos the same way biological systems can be disrupted by toxins, injuries, and parasites. The point here is; biology is an expression – a guide for a satisfying experience of life. If we understand and listen to what our biology is saying to us we can live a more satisfying and fulfilling experience of life.

 [1] The biosphere consists of the entire global ecological system that includes all biological beings and their relationships which includes their interaction with the elements of the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

[2] For more information on the concept of earth as a single body of life look up the term “Gaia hypothesis”. The basic idea is centered on observations that our planet functions as a single organism. Evidence for this is based on biota collectively maintaining conditions necessary for its collective survival the same as homeostasis in biological systems within the collective. The hypothesis is currently disputed.

5 responses to “Biology is the Guide for Fulfilling Relationships

  1. This is really inspirational. Thank you for posting. I’ve never thought of it this way.

  2. I think it’s really important too. I think these are things that people should understand as fundamentals of life.

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