Mental Hoarding and Creativity


Creative people have messy minds. They typically don’t throw things out, so their minds often look like the cluttered living spaces of a hoarder. They accumulate various droplets of information from a wide variety of disciplines that sloshes around in a mental sea. They also play with the currents. They move this sea of ideas the same way the moon moves the ocean currents around the globe. The waves and the foam churn by the shores as the creative mind mixes and remixes them until something novel and useful emerges from the chaos.

How does this hoarding factor relate to creativity? Information in functional silos is trivia. One can collect most or all the known trivia on a particular topic and become an expert, but this is merely a regurgitating process. Imitation is not innovation. For the expert, precision is the operational dynamic. 1 = 1 = 2. Creativity happens when ideas have sex and produce babies. For the creative person, the joining of ideas with different genetic makeups generates novel properties that did not exist before. For the creative person, like biological reproduction: 1 = 1 = 3.


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